Low Risk and High Reward – Why You Need Red Light Therapy in Your Life

In this era of never-ending lockdowns, it’s important to be able to take the time to check in with your health. Red Light Therapy has a host of benefits that range from skincare to pain relief, making it the perfect isolation self-care tool.

Red Light Therapy works to stimulate collagen by delivering light wavelengths into your skin to be absorbed by cells. Your cells response to the light absorption is to trigger regenerative functions that keep skin youthful, promote wound healing, and even repair muscle. Whatever your complaint – Red Light Therapy is the solution. For those who are natural sceptics, we’ve compiled a breakdown of the different applications of RLT, with the data to back it up:

Skincare Benefits

Proven to improve skin texture, fine lines, and scarring, your fuss-free alternative to sticky face masks is finally here. Red Light Wavelengths of 660 nanometres are beamed onto the skin to provide anti-aging benefits. RLT doubles as an effective acne-fighting tool due to its anti-inflammatory effects: regular use naturally decreases bacteria levels and oil production. Furthermore, according to a 2014 study, RLT has been proven to be highly effective at wound healing and promotes “increased tissue repair and healing…+ beneficial effects on wrinkles, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, and healing of burns.”

Muscle relief

For muscle repair and recovery, wavelengths of 850 nanometres are used to penetrate deep into the cells and provide deep pain relief. Multiple studies have found that RLT is an effective tool for muscle recovery. Post-workout usage has resulted in reduced muscle fatigue and soreness.

Pain relief

It’s not just workout junkies who can benefit from RLT: Red Light Therapy has been deemed so effective at pain relief that its usage has been approved by the FDA for arthritis pain-relief therapy, and a study with osteoarthritis patients found a 50% reduction in joint pain after the use of Red Light Therapy.

Hair growth

In case you remain unconvinced, studies have found Red Light Therapy even helps with hair growth. A study on the effect of RLT on hair revealed that people with alopecia saw improved hair density with the use of an at-home device for 24 weeks through Red Light wavelengths of 665 and 808 nanometres. The control group who used placebo devices did not achieve the same results.

While the idea of Light Therapy sounds too good to be true, the science checks out. There is no recovery time needed, as it’s a non-invasive treatment. And with the exception of rare side-effects caused by overexposure or faulty equipment, there are no known risks associated with Red Light Therapy. The benefits are numerous, and the risks non-existent.


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